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24th International Competition of Music Execution for Guitar - The winner

























Dimitris Soukaras (Greece) is the winner of the 24th International Competition of Music Execution for Guitar - City of Mottola and he'll be one of the 14 Young Stars of the EuroStrings - European Guitar Festival Collaborative 2019!
2nd place (ex aequo) Emanuele Barillaro (Italy) and Simone Salvatori - Classical guitarist (Italy).

Sante Mileti is the winner for the young guitarist.























































































































EuroStrings has developed a scholarship programme for students from lower income backgrounds to enable them participation in international guitar competitions and masterclasses that mostly require a payment fee. EuroStrings is acknowledging financial situation of many young guitar players and with this programme supporting them in their further international education.

Open Call for EuroStrings Scholarships
EuroStrings provides international opportunities for young classical guitar players and contributes to their professional development through various educational and training programs.

To acknowledge the financial situation of many young guitar players and to support their international education, EuroStrings has developed a scholarship programme for students from lower income backgrounds. This scholarship will enable young guitarists to participate in international guitar competitions and masterclasses of EuroStrings Festivals during 2018.

Who can apply?
Young guitarists, aged between 18 and 25, with lower financial capability. They need to be students at a music school and have undergone professional education for at least 2 years.
Application process
Applicants interested to attend any of the following festivals, may submit the necessary documents to be considered for a full coverage of travel, accommodation, participation costs and per diem for one candidate per each festival.
Interested applicants should submit the following materials for review:

- a private or unlisted YouTube video containing free choice of repertoire at about 10 min duration
- a tax return - English translation required (personal and/or parent's)
- a short description of household status (number of people in household etc)
- 1 A4 written out formal request for applicant's financial assistance concerning travel, accommodation, festival costs and per diems, specifying the festival of interest. This request should contain candidate's contact info - name, last name, address, email address, phone number - and personal thoughts as to why he or she is in need of the EuroStrings scholarship
- letter of recommendation from a professional in the field (teacher, music producer, musical collaborator et al.)

All documentation needs to be submitted in English, only the submissions in English will be considered for the selection process.

The materials should be submitted to info@mottolafestival.com , and copy info@eurostrings.eu and Mak Grgic (mak@eurostrings.eu), EuroStrings Artistic Director.






























Dear Friend Guitarists,

we are ready for the next adventure of the Festival of Guitar, 26° edition.
The Festival, with its musical activities (two sections of the Competition, information and education), will take place from July 7 to 15, 2018 in Mottola (TA), Italy.

From today on you'll find online the announcement of the 2 sections of the competitions with all the news planned for this year: awards, dates, compulsory pieces.  
The general program of the Festival with the guests concert performers, the YOUNG STARS project  of EuroStrings - European Guitar Festival Collaborative, the Biennial of Liuteria and the numerous teachers of the masterclasses who will provide their wide music experience and many other news.

I wait for you numerous in Mottola for a summer full of music!!!

Michele Libraro 
art director
















First European Platform in Classical Guitar sector

December 2017 – EuroStrings - European Guitar Festival Collaborative is a first European platform gathering 14 classical guitar festivals, which will focus on highlighting the emerging guitar players and enable further education in classical guitar field.

EuroStrings, a platform funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, contributes to the development of a vibrant and diverse European classical guitar scene which reflects shared values, preoccupations, and challenges of the 21st century experienced by every classical guitarist, especially a young emerging professional. This platform is to ensure that a modern and positive classical guitar vibe can be experienced by a broad range of audiences across Europe and worldwide.

EuroStrings creates a hub of international opportunities for emerging guitar players, educational and training programs that foster the professional development of guitarists, and trends for sustainability of festivals in the field of classical music.

The platform brings together guitarists and their audiences, breaking the barriers and actively involving both in the creation of classical guitar experience.

Through Young Stars exchange programme, EuroStrings will strongly support the circulation of emerging talents among Platform's Guitar Festivals offering the winners of those Festival’s international competitions an opportunity to reach international audiences and to give them possibilities to work transnationally and access new markets.

The Young Stars will also be encouraged to challenge themselves and compete in EuroStrings Winners’ Competition, having chances to win prizes that will enable them to develop a world-wide career. The first EuroStrings Winners’ Competition will be organized at Zagreb Guitar Festival, between 3rd and 7th April 2018.

EuroStrings Young Stars 2017/2018
The EuroStrings Young Stars are the winners or runners-up of the international competitions organized by the platform members. The EuroStrings Young Stars that will participate in the exchange programme and at the EuroStrings Winner’s Competition in the first year of the project are: Nicola Montella (Italy), Niklas Johansen (Denmark), Péter Girán (Hungary), Vedran Vujica (BiH), Dmytro Omelchak (Ukraine), Antoine Moriniere (France), Antero Pellikka (Finland), Boyan Boychev (Bulgaria), Andrea Roberto (Italy), Domenico Savio Mottola (Italy), Raphael Feuillatre (France), Davide Giovanni Tomasi (Italy), Jesse Flowers (Australia/Germany), Giacomo Susani (Italy), Dominik Carevic (Croatia).

EuroStrings annual scholarships
To acknowledge the financial situation of many young guitar players and to support their international education, EuroStrings has developed an annual scholarship programme for students from lower income backgrounds. This scholarship will enable 14 young guitarists to participate in international guitar competitions and masterclasses. The open call for the scholarship will be launched on EuroStrings website in the beginning of January 2018.

EuroStrings currently involves 14 members and is looking forward to expand in the upcoming years:

Sociedade Musical de Guimarães - Festival Internacional de Guitarra de Guimarães (POR):

22 December 2017 – 14 January 2018

Internationales Gitarrenfestival Rust (AUT):

25 - 28 March 2018

Music school Bonar - Zagreb Guitar Festival (CRO):

3 - 7 April 2018

SZÓ-TÉR Egyesület - Szeged Guitar Festival (HUN):

12 - 15 April 2018

Guitar Association of BiH - Sarajevo International Guitar Festival (BiH):

26 - 30 April 2018

Twents GitaarFestival (NL):

10 – 13 May 2018

Montenegrin Music Center - Nikšić Guitar Festival (MNE):

22 - 29 May 2018

Tampere Guitar Festival (FIN):

4 -10 June 2018

Sdruzhenie “Fusion Way” - Sofia GuitArt Festival (BGR):

8 - 10 June 2018

Tallinn Guitar Festival (EST):

11 - 15 June 2018

Associazione M. & C. Accademia Della Chitarra - International Guitar Festival Mottola (ITA):

7 - 15 July 2018

Pima Asociación De Guitarra Clásica - International Festival Of Guitar José Tomás Villa De Petrer (ESP):

7 - 21 July 2018

Gitarrenkreis Nuertingen - International Guitar Festival Nuertingen (GER):

28 July - 5 August 2018

International Guitar Foundation - London Guitar Festival (UK):

25 - 30 October 2018

For further information: www.eurostrings.eu
Contact: communication@eurostrings.eu








Dear Friends of the Festival,

this is the "Tribute to Roland Dyens" during the 25th International Festival of Guitar - City of Mottola.

The concert took place on July 6, 2017 in Mottola where all the friends of the festival met to render homage to Roland Dyens through his wonderful music pages he left us.
It was an evening full of  great emotions with soloists, duo, quartets and music ensemble. Tales, anecdotes from friends on Roland, and the European première of the Bolero of Ravel arraged by Dyens for guitar orchestra, have completed the rich program of the Tribute.
At the end of the evening, I spent a few words on the link between Roland Dyens and Mottola since 1998 and I gave Laura Dyens, came to Mottola for the occasion, the book for the 25 years of the Mottola Festival dedicated to her brother, Roland.

We publish it today, 19 October 2017, on the occasion of his birthday. 

Enjoy the Video!

Michele Libraro art director

Video - First part: soloists, duo, quartets

"Tribute to Roland Dyens"

Mottola 6 July 2017

First part

H. Villa Lobos-Roland Dyens Aria from Bachianas Brasileiras
Gabriel Guillén guitar

Roland Dyens Paganiniana - Comme le jour... (7' 20")
Sara Palmisano guitar

Roland Dyens Alba Nera - Vivaldiana (dedicate to Marco Corsi) (14' 37")
Marco Corsi guitar

Roland Dyens Austin Tango (23' 35")
Luciano Damiani mandolin
Michele Libraro guitar

Roland Dyens Traveling Sonata MOTTOLA (27' 26")
DUO Di Sabato-Rugolo
Nicoletta Di Sabato flute
Antonio Rugolo guita

Roland Dyens Libra Sonatina Fuoco (34' 06")
Alessandro Deiana guitar

Roland Dyens Saudade N° 3 (38' 22")
Roberto Aussel guitar

Roland Dyens Brésils - (45' 39")
Antonio Rugolo guitar
Vincenzo Zecca guitar
Livio Grasso guitar
Angelo Gillo guitar


Video - Second part: Bolero, speech of Michele Libraro and Laura Dyens (16' 30")

Maurice Ravel - Roland Dyens BOLERO
Conductor: Leonardo Lospalluti
Orchestra: Roberto Aussel - Umberto Cafagna - Giuseppe Bolognini - Marco Corsi - Luciano Damiani - Alessandro Deiana - Angelo Gillo - Livio Grasso - Giancarlo Di Pierro - Gabriel Guillén - Michele Libraro - Vito Ottolino - Sara Palmisano - Antonio Rugolo - Antonio Taranto - Lapo Vannucci - Vincenzo Zecca.

































It is an immense joy for me to announce the release of Simone Rinaldo's "Simmetrie e Contrasti del '900" CD published with dotGuitar WebLabel.

Simone Rinaldo won the First Prize in 2016 at the 22nd International Competition of Musical Performance for Guitar - City of Mottola.

Simone Rinaldo's recording work has to be added to the prestigious list of winners of our Competition, created thanks to the collaboration between Mottola Guitar Festival and dotGuitar WebLabel. Giulia Ballarè (2013), Andrea De Vitis (2014) and Niklas Johansen (2015) are the other young winners who have already recorded the CD thanks to our Competition.
I invite you to support young people by downloading and listening to their works.


Best wishes to Simone Rinaldo for this wonderful CD!!!
Enjoy the music!!!

Michele Libraro, Art Director






























































Domenico Mottola is the winner of the International Competition of Musical Performance for Guitar, at its XXIII edition. “My last name brought me luck”, says ironically the young winner, born in 1993 and coming from Naples who, in past editions, already won the second and the third prize.
The prestigious competition, linked to the International Guitar Festival - City of Mottola, continues to register a great attention by young students of guitar who choose this corner of Apulia in order to put themselves out there. And indeed, this year some candidates came from around the world: Poland, Germany, France, USA (Los Angeles and West Columbia, in particular), Serbia and Italy.
To declare the winners was a jury composed by top-level guitarists, chaired by Roberto Aussel. With him, Gabriel Guillén, Boško Radojković, Alessandro Deiana and Lapo Vannucci. Domenico Mottola brings home € 3.000, equally funded by City of Mottola (delivered by the town councillor, Valerio Rota) and Lions Club Massafra - Mottola “Le Cripte” (delivered by the President, Salvatore Marchionna). But it’s not all: Mottola has also received a contract with dotGuitar WebLabel for the distribution of a CD for guitar on world’s largest channels of digital distribution.
No second prize. The scholarship of €1.000 foreseen for the second prize has been rewarded with the winners of the third prize.
Third placed ex aequo among Riccardo Calogiuri (from Lecce, 1990), Carlotta Dalia (from Grosseto, 1999) and Pauline Gauthey (from Lille, France, 1993) winnig € 500 euro each, as a scholarship made available by the City of Mottola.
The absolute winner of the International Competition for Young Guitarists, Gianluca Cappetta, won a guitar “Mottola Guitars”, offered by Art Communication and delivered by the commercial director, Angelo Suma. All the prizewinners have also received Savarez strings and the book about the 25th edition of the Festival.
Words of emotion by the artistic director, Maestro Michele Libraro, during the evening dedicated to the prizes that, as a tradition, closes the Festival. “It’s been a fantastic edition - he said - a lot of musical proposals and a great audience success”. Then he has recalled these 25 years of manifestation, enclosed in a commemorative book. “It was June 28, 1992 - as he wrote in the introduction - when this travel, called Festival, began its way. I never imagined that the first edition, with four concerts and a summer course of guitar, would have reached the goal of 25 editions”. The municipal administration of Mottola applauds the event. “The International Festival - as underlined by the town councillor, Valerio Rota – brings the name of Mottola around the world. It’s to be considered the flagship of the cultural offer of our city”.


Dear Friends, we are ready. And you?

It starts on Saturday, July 1 with "Serenate", itinerant way in the historic center of Mottola and then it continues with Master Classes, Chitarrainsieme (Course of Guitar Orchestra), 2 sections of the Competition, CDs presentation, Photographic Exhibition "25 Years of the Festival" and many Concerts, including the "Tribute to Roland Dyens" with the presence of about 20 guitarists.

Find out the detailed program of the Festival on www.mottolafestival.com.

I wait for you all in Mottola from July 1 to 9, 2017 to celebrate the first 25 years of the Festival!!!

Michele Libraro Art director

















































































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Local government support

24th International Guitar Festival
With the support of: Amministrazione Comunale di Mottola - Regione Puglia, Lions Club Massafra-Mottola le Cripte
MFManagement - Management and music productions.
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