International Competition “Young Guitarists”


28th International Competition “Young Guitarists”

City of Mottola (Italy) / July 1-10, 2022 




The international jury composed of Marco Tamayo (president, Cuba), Mak Grgić (United States), William Jenks (United States), Felicitas Stephan (Germany) and Juan Carlos Arancibia Navarro (Peru), after having listened to all the candidates, decreed the very young Pasquale Salapete (11 years old) from Avella, province of Avellino, as the Absolute Winner of the 28th “Young Guitarists” International Competition.
Below is the list of candidates of the three categories with their respective votes.


Surname and name_____Category_______Final____________ Prize

Salapete Pasquale___________A__________100_____________Absolute winner / Mottola Guitars Prize - Savarez Prize

Rinnita Booranabanyat_______A___________97_______________1st Prize-Savarez Prize

Vonev Bozhidar_______________A____________93_____________2nd Prize-Savarez Prize

Mastrangelo Viola___________A____________88______________3rd Prize

D'Ippolito Maria______________A____________88______________3rd Prize


Surname and name_____Category_______Final____________ Prize

Casillo Lorenzo________________B_____________92__________2nd Prize-Savarez Prize

Romanazzi Alessandro________B____________88____________3rd Prize


Surname and name_____Category_______Final____________ Prize 

Haruna Miyagawa_____________C____________97___________1st Prize-Savarez Prize

Samo Novak___________________C____________97___________1st Prize-Savarez Prize

Cisternino Matteo_____________C____________95____________1st Prize-Savarez Prize

De Feo Maria Grazia__________C____________88____________3rd Prize

The absolute winner of the 28th “Young Guitarists” International Competition will be announced during the proclamation ceremony that will precede the evening concert on July 10th. From Monday July 11th the results of each participant will be made public through our website and our social channels.
(commercial value Euro 600,00)
The guitar is offered by “Art Communication” – Mottola (TA)
1) The Competition will take place in Mottola (Taranto), it’s open to Italian and foreign guitarists (from 8 to 20 years) and includes the following categories:
-  Cat. A: soloists born from 2014 to 2010, 5 free choice minutes with recorded video;
-  Cat. B: soloists born from 2009 to 2006, 8 free choice minutes with recorded video;
-  Cat. C: soloists born from 2005 to 2002, 10 free choice minutes with recorded video.
2) The absolute winner of these three categories will be the competitor who will score 100/100 points. The first placed competitors will score not less than 95/100 points; the second placed ones will score not less than 90/100 points; the third placed ones will score not less than 85/100 points.
3) The entry fee for A – B – C Categories is of Euro 80,00 and it could be paid by:
- Bank Transfer on account with IBAN code number: IT 67 M 05385 78980 000000020850 at the Banca Popolare di Puglia e Basilicata – Agency of Mottola;
- International Postal Order.
Both of them must be addressed to: Ass. M. & C. “Accademia della Chitarra” – Via V. Sansonetti, 64 – 74017 - Mottola (TA). 
4) The entry fee won’t be paid back under any circumstances and implies the unconditional acceptance of the present regulations.
5) The registration form can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; and must be sent within June 15, 2022 together with: application form (attachment 1); n.1 copy of the payment of the entry fee of Euro 80,00; video.
6) Video recording:
The candidate must record his/her free-choice pieces in a single video containing all the pieces of the test.
The shooting of the videos will be made with a single front camera, horizontal framing, adequate light, without cuts, tampering and editing.
Before starting to play, it must be announced name and surname, date of birth, city and state of residence; indicate that the video is for the 28th “Young Guitarists” International Competition - City of Mottola;
announce the title and composer of each performed song.
The video, named International Competition “Young Guitarists | Città di Mottola - 2022 - [Candidate name and surname] - [Category ...]", will be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. using a Server to send large files (for example Wetransfer - JUMBOmail etc.).
The video will be sent to the competition secretariat at the time of registration.
If any tampering with the registration is found, the jury may disqualify the candidate.
7) Registration within June 15, 2022.

8) For further information: Ass. M. & C. “Accademia della Chitarra” - Via Vito Sansonetti n. 64 – 74017 - Mottola (TA) – Italy; Tel. (+39) 099 8867361; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – website: