Study Holiday “Chitarreinsieme”


Study Holiday “Chitarreinsieme”

Stage for orchestra of Guitars

Teacher Leonardo LOSPALLUTI


The stage is open to all guitarists players who want to try themselves at playing with an orchestra of guitars. The stage consists in participating in person in workshop lessons of ensemble and in making also a final concert.


The workshop will take place during the 30th International Festival of Guitar – Mottola – from July 4 to 10, 2022 at the “Istituto Comprensivo A. Manzoni” in Mottola, with daily meetings of 3-4 hours.

During the stage, the participants will deal with basic problems of working in orchestra, with the target to achieve – even if in a short time – a good executive overall level. The participants will bring with themselves their own musical stand and pencil.


The workshop is open to all guitar players, from beginners to holders a diploma. The only minimum requirements must be a first level of musical reading on the stave and a relative knowledge of the keyboard of the guitar (at least in first position). The more experienced participants will perform more challenging pieces, musical parts, or also soloist roles.

Music in program

All the pieces in program will be of classical or traditional genre, expressly revised by the teacher for orchestra of guitars. The pieces will be expressly chosen according to the skills of the participants to the workshop. The stage will end with the final performance, a concert of the orchestra of guitars during the 29th International Festival of Guitar “City of Mottola”.


The membership fee to the Study Holiday is € 80,00 for a minimum of 20 enrolled students.

The fee includes 5 lessons and participation in the final concert.

- 5 meetings from July 4 to 10, 2022;

- 1 meeting with a performance at the final concert.

The membership fee can be paid by:

- Bank Transfer: IT 67 M 05385 78980 000000020850 - “Banca Popolare di Puglia e Basilicata”, agenzia di Mottola (TA)

- Postal Order.

Bank transfer or postal order will be made out to: Ass. M. & C. “Accademia della Chitarra”, Via Vito Sansonetti, 64 – 74017 - Mottola (Ta). The membership fee is not refundable under any circumstances and it implies the unconditional acceptance of this Regulations.

The application form (see Attachment 1) must be accompanied by the information form (Attachment 2) and a copy of the payment of the membership fee, and it must be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For further info:

Tel. 099.8867361 – 346.2264572

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Website: